I'm Becca. It's nice to meet you!

Let me start off by saying that I didn't start out thinking that I would aspire to be an average Mum. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

When I was pregnant I would scroll through Instagram admiring the beautiful nurseries, the immaculate outfits and the flawless makeup. I imagined that would be what my life was about to become.

Two years later, I know better. My camera roll is full of images of a toddler shaped blur sprinting away from instaworthy backdrop, the beautiful nursery ceases to exist as we need new carpet due to a poo incident last February which no amount of vanish can rescue. The closest I've come to flawless makeup is when I am feeling extra fancy and get eyelash extensions. As someone who cannot even do winged eyeliner, they are a game changer, albeit an expensive one. 

For months after Lexi was born, I scrolled and saw these mothers who had it all together while I felt like a big mess. I felt like I didn't belong in the motherhood gang. I felt like a fraud. I wasn't loving every second. I did not feel #blessed at all. Most of the time, I felt #ffs. 

You can read more about my struggles over on the blog as part of the This is Motherhood series.

It has taken a lot of time/medication/therapy to get to a place where I feel contented with my life and now I feel strong enough to say that at times, I have hated it and questioned my life choices.

We all know that life isn't perfect. We all know that no one is perfect so why do we try to give the impression that it is on social media?

Enter, The Bang Average Mum.