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Feel Good Friday: Connect

When I signed up for NCT classes in September 2017, I thought that I would come away from the classes ready for a baby. I thought that I would be gifted with all the knowledge to ensure that my birth went the way I wanted it to go, and that I had all the answers to figure out my baby and her needs. After all, it was costing £200 and eating into my precious Netflix viewing time in the evenings, so I had big expectations.

I did not even think about the group of people who were also booking on the same NCT classes. Of course, I thought it would be helpful to have other people around who were also off work with a small human, but I didn't really anticipate that I would be friends with them.

Nearly 2 and a half years later, I cannot imagine my life without these people. They have helped me through some really tough times. I have had the funniest, rawest, strangest conversations with these ladies. Nothing like the shared birth experience to remove the embarrassment of discussing the number of stitches in your nether regions in a busy restaurant. Our WhatsApp group is a wonder to behold.; often a passing comment or observation sparks hundreds of messages, photos and laughing emojis in one afternoon. It truly is a glorious thing.

Last weekend, half the group ventured out to celebrate Laura's hen do and tomorrow we will be reuniting at the Wedding. I LOVE A WEDDING. They are my favourite thing in the world and so I feel so honored and privileged to be invited to celebrate with Laura and Haydn.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have these lovely women in my life; through absolute pure luck of being pregnant around the same time, and live in roughly the same area, to be able to make friends for life.

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