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Stress Awareness Day: Oh BUCKET!

Did you know that today was National Stress Awareness Day?

Here's a photo of Lexi and me this morning. We are on our way to nursery on the train. I discovered that our car was completely dead. At 7.30am.

2020: The gift that keeps on giving. 😬

As you can see, she had a great time going on the train and then the bus. As you can see from my eyes, I was not having a great time.

I was super stressed and really tearful. I had a call at 9am and my work phone was dead. Would we make it in time for her to get breakfast?! Would I be able to find somewhere to charge my phone to be able to dial in?! Is it too late to sign up for the Mars colony programme?!

Imagine there’s a bucket you carry with you which slowly fills up when you experience different types of stress.

Sometimes you feel strong enough to carry a lot of stress, but it’s important to find activities which help you lighten the load.

My stress bucket has been operating at a pretty full level for most of 2020; actually... since 1986 😜 but I can usually deal with quite high levels before it starts to get to me.

I feels like it has been one thing after another this year and today was the day, it overflowed.

Of course, the car got sorted. I was able to dial in and charge up my phone AND get coffee! (Thank you Starbucks) but I still couldn't shake the awful feeling of dread and anxiety that had completely clouded my day.

Andy was super adorable and bought me a box of m&s chocolates and mojitos; not going to lie, I've eaten quite a few chocolates and I'll be cracking open the mojitos pretty soon.

Tonight, I plan on doing absolutely nothing. Taking time to relax. I did just write "I'm sure that tomorrow will be a better day" but it is the start of Lockdown 2.0 so... I'm sure that tomorrow will be a lot less stressful.

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