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You Are Enough

Over the period of lockdown, I have found myself struggling to know what to do with Lexi.

Especially early on in April when I was trying to juggling working pretty much full time and trying to entertain her. The thing about Toddlers (or at least mine) is they have an attention span of a gnat.

I would be in the process of setting up the sticker book, when she didn't want to do the sticker book anymore. I'd get out the tea set, and she's wander off. I'd put on Ben & Holly on netflix, and even before the titles had finished, she would want Peppa Pig instead.

It felt like we would use up all our go to activities before lunchtime and I would struggle in the afternoon. That's when the dreaded Comparison Monster would swoop in and knock me over. Rachel is baking bread with her children daily and Carol has a whole messy play set up going on. I'd think that I should do more with her. I should entertain her more. I should be more fun.

Then I realised, this is a pandemic. None of us were prepared for this. None of us have training for this. It is ok if she wants to watch Peppa Pig instead of doing the sticker book. It's ok if you want to bake bread with your children. It's ok if you have an amazing messy play set up.

We are all in the same storm; not the same boat. You do you.

In this, frankly batshit crazy, weird time, I am doing ok and you're doing ok. .

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